Council Minutes


Lincoln City Hall, Council Chambers 700 Broadway Street I Lincoln, Illinois


Mayor Seth Goodman

The Committee of the Whole Meeting of the City Council of Lincoln was called to order by Mayor Seth Goodman at 7:01 p.m.with proper notice given. City Clerk Peggy Bateman called roll.


Alderman Tracy Welch, Ward 1

Alderman Steve Parrott, Ward 1

Alderman Kathryn Schmidt, Ward 2

Alderman Sam Downs, Ward 2

Alderman Kevin Bateman, Ward 3

Alderman Ron Keller, Ward 3

Alderman Kathy Horn, Ward 4

Alderman Jeff Hoinacki, Ward 4

Staff Present:

City Administrator Elizabeth Kavelman

City Attorney John Hoblit

City Clerk Peggy Bateman

Treasurer Chuck Conzo

Fire Chief Bob Dunovsky

Police Chief Paul Adams

Building and Safety Officer Wes Woodhall

Streets Superintendent Walt Landers



Public Comment:

Mayor Goodman called upon citizens registered to speak. A medical cannabis patient came forward to share he is interested in a medical marijuana dispensary coming to town so he would no longer have to drive out of town to get the drug that he needs to cope with his illness.

Another gentleman came forward to talk about the Fifth Street Road Project. he mentioned former Mayor Snyder and Terry Carlton. He said he worked for Illinois DOT for over 30 years and said eminent domain is a necessary part of any project, and that there is nothing negative about eminent domain. He said it was for the public good and for completion of the project.

He talked about his experience with eminent domain. He just said in order to move the project forward, the councilneeded to consider eminent domain.

He said the longer you wait, the more the cost is going to go up. He hoped the process would begin and the 60 day letters would be sent. He then answered a question from Alderman Schmidt. She asked why the letters needed to be sent.

He said the letters are a statutory requirement, you have to send them out. He said the condemnation will not be filed until the 60 day lapse.

He said if they don't like the offer, they have the opportunity to get their own appraisal. He said then the judge or jury decides on what the amount of compensation would be.

There being no further public participation, Mayor Goodman moved down to other agenda items. Saying item 21 would be removed from the agenda.

Approval to Hire a new Lincoln Police Officer:

Officer Kyle Veech is resigning, then the city would be down two officers. He wanted to get the process moving as quickly as possible.

Appointment of new Lincoln Fire Inspector:

Chief Dunovsky said he's had a vacancy for several years in the inspector role. He said it would help if he had a third inspector. Mr. James Cosby was interested in the role. He said he was an excellent choice. The item would be placed on the agenda.

Appointment of Jonathan Parker to the CivilService Commission:

Mr. Parker reached out to the mayor and was interested in this commission.Alderman Welch weighed in, asking if the commission needed to be continued at all. He then referred to Mr. Walt Landers. Alderman Bateman asked a question to the Logan County Chairwoman and Sheriff who were present at the meeting [inaudible]. Mr. Landers said he would say that it is difficult sometimes working with the commission and still having a Civil Service Commission as you have to hire from the list. He talked about the need to sometimes go after certain skill sets.

Alderman Bateman said that service needs to be abolished, as sometimes Walt needs to hire someone who has a certain skill.

Mr. Landers said he was not saying they should not have the commission, he called for the need to still have a panel or some kind for the hiring process. Alderman Welch said they could discuss that when they have the next meeting about the committees at the next COW. Mayor Goodman said Mr. Parker was also interested in the Historic Preservation Commission. He wanted to place the appointment on the next agenda. The other item would also be placed on the agenda.

Mayor's Appointment of City Aldermen Liaison Assignment for Special Projects and Committees:

Mayor Goodman mentioned having Alderman Keller as a point of contact.

New Logan County's Proposed ETSB/9-1-1 Intergovernmental Agreement Costs for City Council Approval:

The Logan County Sheriff came forward. He said this would be an agreement between the City of Lincoln and the Logan County Sherriff's Office. The City of Lincoln has already realized a savings of more than $8,000. He said this was a secondary agreement that should have been with the other intergovernmental agreement. He said it should have been with the equipment. He said the $8,000 plus dollars has not been billed to the city.

He then went into the needs and improvements of the dispatch center. He said the dispatch center needs to grow with personnel. He said 9-1-1 calls take priority. He said in the past they have operated with two dispatchers. He said at the same time, city police officers are making traffic stops - and there it takes away from the dispatchers.

He mentioned adding a supervisor in there during peak hours. They are able to add a dispatcher, and there will be an annualized savings.

He said the state's attorney has drawn up a mutual agreement that is written in a way that will not need to be changed every year.

He said they will need to account for union raises, as it is a union job. Chief Paul Adams thanked the sheriff for taking this back underneath his wing. He said it's important that they have the proper supervision and its done in a way that benefits the taxpayer.

He said this year without considering the extra employee . . . there is a huge savings this year - technically. He said we got this agreement to go through - he said the increase will be on the salary rate only.

He said he believes he's done a great job putting this together, and that he thinks the numbers are good. He said tonight was to talk about the numbers, and to see if we want to go ahead and add that extra dispatcher in there. He said sometimes we've stopped murderers before. He said when you get a standby 9-1-1 - that extra dispatcher is needed. He said history-wise there were only two dispatchers back in 1994, and that they need more people in there answering the calls and that firefighters are getting the response they need.

City Administrator Kavelman mentioned dividing it between three parties. The sheriff weighed in and talked about looking at it annually and seeing what that percentage rate was. He said a small percentage each year - he said the city was paying the same as the county, $228,000 [inaudible] that total would have been [inaudible] that amount minus the [inaudible].

Alderman Welch asked about the negotiations with the unions, wanting to know if the county oversaw that, or the city did as well. The sheriff was [inaudible off and on]. The sheriff said they struggle to hold onto their dispatchers, they're losing dispatchers, other places pay their dispatchers $17 an hour. He said if we want to keep good people [inaudible].

Alderman Parrott asked what type of skill set is needed for a dispatcher. The sheriff was [inaudible] - being able to listen to a call. Being able to give CPR instructions, he said it takes a certain type of skillset to multitask. He said they actually have to verbally dispatch.

He said one of the things that you'll see if the dispatch certifications - all are EMO Certified, [inaudible]. There are two additional certifications, one for police and one for fire. More was [inaudible] . . .

Alderman Hoinacki said if you haven't had a chance to take a tour of the center, to reach out to the sheriff. The sheriff said we're blessed with the people we have and the facility that we have, [inaudible].

The item would be placed on the agenda subject to getting a copy of the agreement.

Proclamation for American Payroll Week in the City of Lincoln:


The item would be placed on the consent agenda.

Loan Ordinance for the Union Street Lift Station: 

The item would be placed on the regular agenda

Illinois American Water Letter of Intent to Purchase Property from the City of Lincoln and Real Estate Sales Contract for City Council approval:

Gabe of Illinois American Water came forward - to talk about how they will handle giving the city address to the property. They had looked at doing a swap, acre for quarter acre. He said it would be cheaper for Illinois American Water to purchase the property and create an easement. With Illinois American Water picking up the costs of the whole process.

Attorney Hoblit mentioned this could be grounds for an agreement or resolution or ordinance for the city council to vote on. He said sometimes the companies do it, and sometimes the city does it. Mr. Hoblit was going to make it up. Theitem would be placed on the agenda as an ordinance.

Request to Permit the Railsplitting Association to Utilize Postville Park for the Annual Railsplitting Festival to be held on September 21-22,2019, with Set-up to begin September 20, 2019,and Streets Surrounding the Park and the Postville Courthouse be blocked off, Permission to Use: City's water, electricity,old voter's building;as well as allow the Boy Scouts to dig fire pits fur cooking food,etc.,with the pits being restored afterwards with replaced sod. The Petition is Submitted by Diana Skelton:

The item would be placed on the consent agenda.

Request to Permit the Lincoln Community High School's Sidewalk Chalk Art event on Thursday, September 19, 2019, from 8:30 8 p.m. on the City Square in elebration of the Homecoming Parade: Railer Pride:

Mr. Landers said the park district has done this in the past. He weighed in on putting the artwork in front of certainwalk ways.

Petition Submitted by the Lincoln Park District:

Comcast Ten-Year Agreement with the City of Lincoln,effective September 1,2019. IS. Comcast/Lincoln College/City of Lincoln Three-Way Agreement to Provide Public Broadcast Services to the Channel S Public Broadcast Station Four City Council Meetings per Month.16. Approval of Focal Point Video for Videographic Coverage of Pour City Council Meeting per Month:

The City Administrator said the city gets a five percent franchise that goes back into the city. Alderman Welch weighed in. He said the line between the city and college will remain in tact.The only thing that will change is who operates the camera. He said the technology committee, at this time they're OK with the 10-year agreement and that they can cover for the broadcast element. He said due to proprietary reasons, they cannot tell us how many lines there are.

Chief Adams said they are trying to fill that slot here.He said he thinks they have some solutions. Alderman Welch said given that, they needed to remove item 16 from the agenda at this time.

Alderman Parrott asked if the five percent was pretty standard across municipalities? He wanted to know if other cities were getting more. Alderman Welch weighed in and then talked about FCC laws, and the individual now who sits in the back of the room, is paid by Comcast, however, due to the new law, the amount for the individual would be deducted, should Comcast provide it.

Item 16 was removed from the agenda as it comes with a pretty hefty price tag - per Alderman Welch. Next, Administrator Kavelman weighed in - reading from the contract on page seven, about gross revenues and citing The Cable Act, saying the city was left at five percent.

Alderman Bateman weighed in saying he was not in favor of paying someone to use the operate a camera or video equipment - as people go back to the meeting (on Facebook). He did not see it important to pay someone to operate the video for Channel 5. He was also no happy with a 10-Year contract. He said he would be voting, "No," for the agreement at this time.

Alderman Schmidt mentioned there are people who are interested in seeing an office for Comcast. Alderman Downs agreed and said he's heard the same thing.City Administrator Kavelman said she brought it up as well, but that Comcast said they have offices in Springfield and Decatur.

Alderman Schmidt said a lot of people have trouble. Treasurer Conze shared that Comcast has closed the office as well as their drop box, he did not imagine that was a large expense, but that the idea is that it is poor customer service and he believed it should be addressed.

City Administer Kavelman said the city is required to provide a broadcast for public reasons. She said the agreement expires on August 31. She said both former City Attorney Blinn Bates and current attorney John Hoblit did not SAA an issue with the contra.rot Mr. Hoblit said companies like to set up mini monopolies. He said the city councilcould enter into it at their own discretion.

Alderman Bateman weighed in about locking the city into the contract for 10-Years. He asked what are we getting in return. Money was not worth it to him, he said it was customer service that makes an agreement. He again stated he was not in favor of this.

Alderman Welch said we are required by law to provide a public access point within the community, but the city itself - is required by law to supply an audio recording. He said the videos the city provides, started out as a Go-Pro, but it was not a requirement that the city provided it, he said, but Ithink 'We've set a standard." He said the video provides a faster, better service.

He said he personally did not see poor customer service with Comast. Mr. Downs then weighed in about looking into technical service, he then mentioned a large storm that came through, and downed lines for six weeks. He did not want to see this happen to anyone ever again.

City Administrator Kavelman asked about revenue per year from the Comcast franchise agreement. Treasurer Conze said the city in the past has gotten around $210,000 - he said the last couple of quarters - has seen a decline. He said he was not sure this was unique to Comcast. He said cable has a lot of competition, there are more options.

Chief Adams weighed in about Urbana's franchise agreement, they are also at five percent, and it's a 10-year agreement. Plus, they have an office or local contact.

Alderman Downs asked for a shorter contract option, he wanted to know if it had to be 10-years. Alderman Welch said it doesn't have to be any years and they could allow any other company compete for customers and grow their rates. He said people like to have a choice, and he doesn't blame them.

He said not renewing the contract, will eliminate the $210,000 in revenue for the city. City Administrator Kavelman said the three-way contract would also be for Lincoln College,which that needs to be in place in order to get the streaming, she said Lincoln College was going to be the site.They were

leaving time slots open in order to air the city's meetings..

The item would be placed on the agenda for a vote, item 15 as well. Number 14 and 15 both.

Removal of Fifth Street Road Project Bike Path from the City's Portion of the Project:

City Administrator Kavelman said it might cost about $50,000 more in design, but in turn, there will likely be properties that the city would not need to acquire, plus it could move the project along faster. Plus, the mayor said it could make things easier on the area businesses.

Alderman Bateman weighed in on the working for the bike path, he called it a berm of grass for the future installation of a bike path. He said we're removing - Idon't know how many feet of property. He said there is not anything in the proposal to even put a bike path down.

City Administrator Kavelman weighed in, saying she disagreed,that they need the councilto weigh in. She said it will be a cost saving to the city.Alderman Welch agreed with both the administrator and Mr. Bateman. He said what we're really talking about here is the design itself. He said as it stands, the design calls for acquiring property for the addition of a bike path. He said the ground will not be finished, but what we're asking for in this item is to allow the design engineers to go back - do a redesign, do a bike path through the design, it saves about $400,000. So that's less money that we'll have to discuss later - when talking about funding.

He said the removal of the path has made the conditions more favorable for businesses, and will

eliminate the need to ask for land from some people. He then mentioned the 60-day letters to go out on August 16.

Mr. Parrott then weighed in about the removal or potential removalof a bike path . .. and led into maybe only a couple of property owners still being in question. City Administrator Kavelman touched on how close the city is to this. She said some property owners won't have to move things around like fences, and that they are very close. The item would be placed on the agenda.

Overall Update of the Progress on the City's Portion of the Fifth Street Road Project end Eminent Domain Letters from the City to be Sent to Non-Responsive Fifth Street Road Property Owners:

City Administrator Kavelman said they sent out letters and have had some response, the letters will go out - and anyone who hasn't signed yet - anyone who has given verbal consent - they will still get a

letter as they have not signed on the dotted line.

Mayor Goodman said the councilshould have already received a copy of that.

Drainage Concernwith the City of Lincoln's Property/Lincoln Futbol Club Lease/Lincoln YMCA Soccer Program Sub-lease of the Current Soccer Fields and Lincoln Industrial Park Board:

Mr. Landers said they are looking at some issues with the field and with drainage, he asked to table it

for the purpose of information gathering.

Proposed new Liquor Ordinance:

Alderman Welch called for putting the item on the agenda. City Attorney Hoblit said his research is ongoing and he said he is having any research completed and submitted to the council. . . he shared his two cents.

City Clerk Peggy Bateman asked him to explain what changes are in the ordinance versus what was voted on previously. He laid them out - saying increasing the licensing fee for a liquor license for those who participate in gaming. He listed the stair step amounts. He also added there was the removal for the 30 percent reporting requirement. He said the increasing of the fees is all new, but, the removal of the percentage reporting requirement was on the old ordinance. He said then that particular requirement was changed. He said a 30 percent reporting requirement for revenue sources other than gaming was implemented.

He said having said that the liquor commission has desired the removal of the 30 percent reporting requirement, but that was what he recalled was discussed. He said additional fees were also discussed.

Alderman Bateman weighed in - he said if its brought forward in its current written form, he'd make two amendments. He said one to keep with the removal of the 30 percent, saying there's too many ways to get around - he did not see it as a necessary evil.

He also hoped to come up with a flat fee to make it a simple ordinance, so once it passed they would not have to come back and amend it in months and years ahead. Alderman Parrott said it is not easy to maneuver around. He said we just passed this not too long ago. He said this have very little to do with gaming, other than the collection of receipts in order for them to keep their liquor license. He continued on. City Attorney Hoblit said his research is not entirely complete.Then City Treasurer Chuck Conze weighed in on the reporting already being stricken from this. Alderman Parrott said he wasn't here last week, but it had been discussed to make an amendment to it to strike it out. To make it 30 percent of other sales . . .he could not remember what the wording was exactly.

Alderman Bateman then followed up about food, and what's not food. He said that was one of his suggestions last week. He posed making it a much simpler way of reporting and continued on with his suggested amendments. Then Alderman Parrott said he'd be OK with starting with the final amount per machine. Rather than stair step it.

City Treasurer Conzo mentioned the draft of the ordinance as written, as it is written, Mr. Hoblit chimed in about what was stricken as-is.Then Alderman Schmidt mentioned she was not at the prior week's meeting, but did listen to it on Facebook. She said this was something they were still going to discuss - having the 30 percent on there or not on there.

Alderman Parrott said if it was on there next week, they would have to strike it an then amend it. Mr. Hoblit said if you were going to amend the ordinance as-is you would just have to let him know. Mr. Parrott posed leaving it as it was, or make it as Mr. Bateman had suggested - "Other sales." Mr. Parrott said it would be a no vote unless that happened. Mr. Hoblit said he could not suggest how his research was incomplete at this time. He called for putting it on the next COW. Mr. Parrott said he felt horrible for Mr. Hoblit about how this has taken place. He said he was not terribly happy with this process.

Mr. Hoblit said this is part of the process, the councilneeded to see an ordinance before voting. Mr. Parrott said at least this council here has known we have had discussions about committees. He said the commission was working with you on an ordinance unbeknownst to the rest of the council. Mayor Goodman said the Liquor Commission is sent out in agenda and it's their job to refer ideas to the council. He said it's just suggestions and ideas being brought forward and the commission didn't do anything wrong by bringing forth the ordinance.Mr. Parrott said this was a little bit of a slap in the face as the councilhad just voted on something similar. Mayor Goodman said this was a different council with different members of the liquor commission and someone brought it forward again. Treasurer Conzo weighed in saying this was not out of line.

Alderman Schmidt asked a question. Mr. Hoblit said it is brought forth and put on the COW. The council can listen to the commission or decide otherwise. He said this is part of the process. He said the commission makes a recommendation, and then the councilneeds to know exactly what they're voting on. Mayor Goodman said there are similarities in what is done with the Planning and Zoning Commission - they meet, then they bring forward their suggestions for approval. Alderman Welch weighed in saying every committee works autonomously from the council - then they bring an action forward and the council says yes, or they say no. He talked about seeing tangible voting items in front of them. That's what he likes to see. Alderman Parrott said it's dragging on now because of that addition. He said any alderman can go to the City Attorney at any time and ask for him to draft an ordinance - at anytime - they can do this, with his work load. He did not care for that process.

Alderman Welch said he's done that in the past. He said it's a courtesy-thi ng. The attorney works for the councilas a collective body, not for them as individuals. They work at the direction of the mayor.

Alderman Welch said it's a little bit - cart before the horse sometimes. He said if this is going to come before the council before the vote - he wanted to make a recommendation due to the difference of opinion, he called for the items to be voted on individually. That way it would be very clear what they are voting on. He didn't want to be caught in between. Mayor Goodman checked with the city attorney to confirm he was going to make some changes. The item would be tabled for two weeks, it would be on the agenda, but tabled again at that time.

Committees Structure:

This item was tabled.

Marijuana Dispensary:

Alderman Bateman said he'd been in touch with someone who was interested in bringing a marijuana dispensary to the city. He said this is coming January 1, 2020 - in just some talking points - there's no research for any ordinances for recreational marijuana in Illinois - he said it's a blank slate. They did locate an ordinance in Lewisville, CO. He said it's a good template for an ordinance. He said in looking and reading the "ordinance" that the state has passed, it did look favorable for Logan County, Illinois. He said there would be a few things the city could tweak from the Lewiston, CO ordinance. He said there's a very strict regiment that the cities would have to follow. He said it's a two-vote process. They would have to vote to even allow a dispensary - the state will start accepting applications April 1, 2020. He said if the city votes to allow one, that could be voted on next week. Then it would be up to an applicant to follow all the rules - then the city would have to draft their own ordinance with the various factors.

He said it would bring tax revenue, pretty high tax revenue for this, it's a job creator and it doesn't change at all - the amount of marijuana that is consumed locally. He said it takes the black market process, of buying it illegally from someone - you're not buying it from a highly regulated store and you're buying approved marijuana. He said the one thing that amazed him, he was worried about secondhand smoke - but he said over 85% of marijuana consumed from these dispensaries is edible marijuana. He said these are controlled, they're not allowed to smoke them in there, or walk down the street and smoke it. He said it's a recreational dispensary.

Mr. Bateman then went into whole sales cannabis - being subject to a 7% tax. He said the retaillevel - -Illinois is charging at a rate based on the relative potency of the cannabis. He talked about THC 35% or less, etc.

He said the tax ranges for the cannabis will range from 19.55% to 34.75%. He said the state has broken this down . . . and proceeded to list off what areas would benefit from the taxes. The taxes are after the recovery cost of the administration fee for recreational marijuana. He said, "It's coming to Logan County." Does the City of Lincoln want to be the ones that allows that? He said we are centrally located and it appears there's a good possibility the city would have a dispensary.

He was assuming all 55 medical places will apply for recreational marijuana licenses. He continued on about how the city could establish an ordinance.

Alderman Parrott could appreciate the use of medical marijuana , and support that - but he talked about maybe having an ordinance drafted to, "Not" have recreational marijuana .He asked if this is what the city wants to be known for, he said in the food form, it's where it is most abused by people ...and then he said unlimited liquor licenses.

City Administrator Kavelman said the gentleman who wants to start this would be moving to Lincoln,he would be fitting into the May 1, 2020 letting. Alderman Schmidt said she totally agreed with what Steven said, she supported medical marijuana, but is totally against recreational marijuana.

Alderman Welch said they're not talking about anyone just walking in off the street. Mr. Bateman said with recreational marijuana, anyone can walk in. He said it is recreational marijuana, you can walk in off the street and you can only buy a very strict amount. He said it's like three ounces or something like that. Smaller than the palm of your hand. It is anyone off the street, 21 years or older.

Mayor Goodman called a gentleman forward, who asked if the dispensaries would also sell to medical patients. He said with his medication, he'd like to spend locally. Alderman Parrott asked if medical insurance could be used at a recreational facility.The gentleman continued to speak off microphone. He assumed recreational facilities would have to service medical patients. Mr. Bateman said the prescription is in case someoneis stopped by police, so they have documentation.

Alderman Keller said everyone in the room has an opinion on marijuana, he said we all have an opinion on this, including his college students, he didn't want to come from a visceral, emotional reaction. He said it's a potential volatile issue, but there's the potential for good money making down the road. He said he thought they needed to make a good decision.

City Attorney Hoblit said he was waiting out the potential to receive a template from the Illinois Municipal League, one of their drafted ordinances.

Police Chief Paul Adams said he had a lot of insights. He said Illinois Chiefs really fought hard on this, he said we're gearing up for it, how to deal with the onslaught of this, he said it will be far worse than alcohol use. He said marijuana is part of an addiction process and they're taxing people on it to make money off of it. He did not think it was right for the state to deal with it one way, share or another. He said it will cost the city more time and money as there will be more crimes. He saidit will be a, "Tax on our entire system." He said he appreciated the sentiment from Alderman Parrott, he called it a, sad thing."

Alderman Bateman said so - he agreed with Steve, saying he is not for it but he also agreed with Chief Adams. He said it is already coming, they need to get together their steps on how to control it. He said another municipality is going to take up that charge. He asked,"Is it going to be worse in the beginning.n

He said he works with a lot of young people and this comes up a lot - the 55 dispensaries is going to happen. He said the licenses start October 1, so the first people in line are the ones who stand a better chance of getting them. He asked, "Do we want to get ahead of the game," so we can make the rules make the changes and control how it is happening. He said it's quite a big revenue stream. He said it's a money-making thing and we have to control it. He hoped he didn't misspeak; he was trying to find a template to use. He was trying to find one and look at it. It was just a template to look at. He strongly believed it was going to happen in Logan County. And wanted to look at possible revenue streams to help fund police and other things.

Alderman Welch said here's what the Chicago Tribune wrote -and proceeded to read from the article. A municipality cannot ban individual possession. He said they're going to getit, and they're going to bring it back here. He said we should probably think about getting ahead of it. He wanted to have a discussion or a vote about whether or not they would allow it or not.

Mr. Bateman said the other thing the councilneeds to determine is their own policies, as the employer's rules "Trump state law." He said it's going to be in this community. He said it has to be addressed, as Paul, (Chief Adams) said. Alderman Welch said the article stated that any city, college or landlord can prohibit it from being on their property.

Treasurer Conze said Alderman Keller's words were accurate as this will require a lot of discussion. He also did not like the idea of this being in Illinois. He said whatever you do with this - municipalities do have the authority to enact an additional 5% tax on it. He called for taxing it to the maximum amount allowed.He said it's grim to think about the cost this will have.

Mayor Goodman askedif they were bringing it up again in two weeks -Alderman Hoinacki said in two weeks, he envisioned everyone's' phones ringing off the hook.The item was placed on the agenda.


- The Doogin center donated 30 chairs for the council

  • Ribbon Cutting at 221 S. Sherman Street for the new Chuck's Glass
    • Crew members were needed to help with the 26 balloons coming in from around the U.S.
    • The GPEDC turned over two sites for the City of Lincoln and the county, the group is putting word out there about our region
    • Five different sites, that are proposing putting in a train control system in

- The Third Friday's event will take place on the fourth Friday of the month, more help would be needed for the Balloon Glow

  • Eight new students from China, visited City Hall today, they are students from Lincoln College for the Foreign Exchange Program at Lincoln College

Executive Session pursuant to 2(c)11, Possible or Potential Litigation:

Alderman Welch called for entering into Executive Session, seconded by Alderman Keller.City Clerk Bateman called roll.

Yeas: (8) Alderman Tracy Welch, Alderman Steve Parrott, Alderman Kathryn Schmidt, Alderman Sam Downs, Alderman Kevin Bateman,Alderman Ron Keller, Alderman Jeff Hoinacki

Nays: None


Absent: (0)

The councilrecessed from the Committee of the Whole meeting at 8:57 p.m. Mayor Goodman said there would not be any future city business.

Return from Executive Session:

The council reconvened from Executive Session 9:40 p.m. in order to reconvene the Committee of the Whole Meeting. Roll call was taken.


There being no further discussion to come before the City Council of Lincoln, Alderman Bateman motioned to adjourn, seconded by Alderman Schmidt. Roll call was taken.


Alderman Tracy Welch Alderman

Steve Parrott Alderman

 Kathryn Schmidt Alderman

Sam Downs Alderman

Kevin Bateman Alderman

Ron Keller Alderman

Kathy Horn Alderman

Jeff Hoinacki

Mayor Goodman adjourned the meeting at 9:40 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted By:

Alex Williams, Recording Secretary


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