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Below are Zoning Office Definitions



  • CORNER: A lot at the junction of and fronting on two or more streets.
  • INTERIOR: A lot other than a comer lot.



  • FRONT: A yard extending along and adjacent to any street frontage of a lot and which, for interior lots, is between the side lot lines, the minimum horizontal distance between any street right-of-way (front property) line and main building or any projections thereot: other than the usual steps, entrance way, unenclosed balconies or open porch. Comer lots typically have two front yards.
  • SIDE: A yard between the main building and the side line ofthe lot. It extends from the front yard line to the rear yard line.
  • REAR: A yard across the rear of a lot. It is measured between the side lot lines and must be the minimum horizontal distance between the rear lot line and the rear of the main building or any projections other than steps, unenclosed balconies or unenclosed porches. On comer lots the rear yard is parallel to the street upon which the Jot has its least dimension. On both comer lots and interior lots the rear yard is at the opposite end of the lot from the front yard.


Obtain a copy of the Fence Permit Application.
Call the Code Enforcement Officer at 732-6318.


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Logan County Current Statistics

Memorial Health System  - Includes daily statistics for MHS and a COVID-19 Risk Screening

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Logan County Department of Public Health
Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH)
Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)



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