Council Minutes


Lincoln City Hall, Council Chambers 700 Broadway Street  Lincoln, Illinois

Tuesday, November 26, 2019


The Committee of the Whole Meeting of the City Council of Lincoln was called to order by Mayor Seth Goodman at 7 p.m., with proper notice given. City Clerk Peggy Bateman called roll.


Alderman Tracy Welch, Ward 1 Alderman

Steve Parrott, Ward 1 Alderman

Kathryn Schmidt, Ward 2

Alderman Sam Downs, Ward 2

Alderman Kevin Bateman, Ward 3

Alderman Ron Keller, Ward 3

Alderman Kathy Horn, Ward 4

Alderman Jeff Hoinacki,Ward 4


Seth Goodman, Mayor

Elizabeth Kavelman, City Administrator

John Hoblit, City Attorney

Peggy Bateman, City Clerk

Alex Williams, Recording Secretary

Chuck Conzo, City Treasurer

Paul Adams, Police Chief

Bob Dunovsky, Fire Chief

Wes Woodhall, Building and Safety Officer

Walt Landers, Streets Superintendent

Anthony Harper, Veolia Water

 Project Manager Andrew Bowns, Veolia Water



Public Comment:


Mayor Seth Goodman called upon citizens registered to speak. Mrs. JonieTibbs came forward to talk about security.She said she came because of the security of the city - she said she had two instances this past week - and first of all ...the door knocker.She said a gentleman came to her door - saying he was there to help her save $40 on her Ameren Bill. She asked to see his registration.She offered to call the city to help him understand what the city requires.He said he would call the police.He called the police - she said she could have done that . ..but he said that the police were busy.

Then three others - who were out and about showed up.She asked Chris to explain it - to them. She mentioned a background check. She said only one stayed behind - he said thank you very much - this now works out - so I can explain it to my boss.

She then said she has a new neighbor who came from a large city - she said she just loved the small town that we have here.

She then brought up Comcast - saying everyone who has it - uses their equipment. She said she noticed her bill is through the roof. She continued on about her experience. She said Comcast has been scamming - and she said people of the city need to know this.

There being no further public participation, Mayor Goodman moved down to other agenda items.

Ordinance authorizing Mayor Goodman to sign the loan application for the CSO Improvements. Submitted for the City by Crawford.Murphy and Tilly:

Mrs. Christy Crites came forward, her item was moved up on the agenda. She said she would be delivering loans to the Illinois EPA - they got 15% principal forgiveness 609,059.55 from the overall request for $4 million plus.

She said in addition the city received a reduced interest rate -from 2.5% to 1.5%. She that will bring significant savings. She then mentioned the ordinance created by City Attorney John Hoblit that will allow for the mayor to sign off. Alderman Welch thanked her.

Lincoln Park District Executive Director John Andrews - RE: Request to have the city deed its parks to the Lincoln Park District for access to more grant monies to maintain and beautify the city parks:

Mr. Andrews came forward - saying the park district has maintained city parks for 30-40 years - since an ordinance from the 1960's. He said they've covered the maintenance, placed recreational equipment in each park over the years, fielded complaints - but he said he got to thinking - they are starting their new 10-year long-range plan and there is a grant - he is asking if the city would want to deed the parks over to the park district. He said we've never been able to come up with an intergovernmental agreement - but if the city did this - the city would be free of any liability - and it would open the park district up to the possibility of grants. The cannot do it unless they own the parks. He asked if the council would be willing to deed the parks over to the park district.

Alderman Bateman said he thinks it's a great idea, but the problem he is having is if the city deeds the parks over - then the city loses control over festivals.

Alderman Hoinacki asked questions about the exchange and City Attorney Hoblit weighed in.Alderman Welch then brought up a dog park proposal that was taken before the park board in previous years. Treasurer Conzo weighed in.

Tax Levy Approval for Tax Year 2019:

Treasurer Conzo gave an overall report of the Tax Levy ordinance for the 2018 Tax Year - he said he listed the previous years and there were breakdowns of different elements of the report. Items were listed under a document provided in the agenda packet - labeled -- the Comparative Tax Levies/Tax Years 2012-2018.

The amount of Tax Levy listed is $1,778,273.The appropriations totaled $20,558,272. He said we're left with - what do we do this year. He said it needed to be filed with the Logan County Clerk by Dec.24.The last voting meeting of the year is Dec.26. He called for a public hearing before that. A tax levy notice would also need to be published in the local paper and available for inspection.

Alderman Keller spoke to the underfunded pensions. He asked what the treasurer's assessment is of where the city is regarding projected revenue streams. Mr. Conzo said it would not be enough to over the pensions - and the city would need to transfer money out of the investments. He said overall the revenue streams look good. He referenced the Telecommunications Tax - saying it has plummeted.

Mr. Keller was in favor of keeping it flat. Mr. Bateman wanted to put it on the agenda for the voting session on Dec. 16. He was in agreement with Mr. Keller - and posed too - to leave it flat at zero. Alderman Welch agreed that the city keeps it flat. Mr. Conzo continued on and shared some of the downsides of keeping it flat. He said for several years the city has kept it flat or very low. The item would be on the Dec. 16 agenda. More discussion continued about the publication timeline. The final thought was that it would be published keeping it flat. Alderman Parrott said we have to think about our employees and their pensions - he said if we didn't have our taxes raised for our homes -would we still keep it flat?

He said," Pensions is something that needs to be addressed.n He said if you don't start sometime - you don't get there. Mr. Parrott said he could go for one percent. Alderman Keller wanted to keep it flat. Mr Hoinacki then said he was with Steve somewhat -- as the city is kicking the can down the road. More discussion continued.

Bids opening for the purchase of City of Lincoln's property on Pekin Street:

City Clerk Peggy Bateman opened the bid for a piece of land - it came from Illinois American Water. The bid was for $8,900 - for easements for egress and utilities. It would be placed on the agenda.

City FY 2019 Audit    Estes, Bridgewater & Ogden:

Treasurer Conzo said the council would receive a copy of the draft -the audit would be presented at the next voting meeting - he asked that is be placed on the agenda for the next voting meeting.It would be placed on the agenda.

Discussion regarding Proposal for Codification Services by General Code's "eCode" for the City of Lincoln's Ordinances Codification:

City Administration Kavelman said she and the city clerk met with a representative from General Code's. Sterling Codifier - is what is currently used.

Mr. Hoblit said he would ask for more time to look over what they are proposing because he did make contact with several of these groups at the Illinois Municipal League (IML) conference. He said they did offer more than what the city is currently being serviced with. He called this an avenue that the city should look at.

City Clerk Bateman said this is only one company - she said with Sterling - if an ordinance needs to be changed in the city code - she said it's a lengthy time before the city gets it back. Mr. Hoblit said not only does it take time - but Sterling will make changes and sometimes there are changes or deletions that you did not want.

Request to approve Options 1($419,425.00),2 ($371,225.00),3 ($337,371.00) or 4 ($289,171.00) submitted by Petersburg Plumbing & Excavating Scope and Proposal for all labor, equipment, and materials for the Sewerage Treatment Plant's Fourth and Decatur Streets Sewer Repair:

Mr. Anthony Harper of Veolia said, "Good morning." He said if anyone has driven down Fourth Street around Carroll Catholic School - the road has been repaired about three times - the line could be collapsed in four different sections. The city will have to abandon two lines that are in the same hole. He said we're talking about having to do this during a time when the school is out. He said this right now is the most critical repair that the city needs to plan for. He said this is just a starting point - they have not dug up the street to verify - but this is as close as it needs to be done.

He said if we're capable of doing this during Christmas break - weather pending - he did not think the best contractor would be able to get it done in the week of spring break. He said if we wait until summer - the rest of it could collapse. He said if you want to go out for bid - they can get more options.

Mr. Bateman said this is without a doubt - a last day of school - hope to get it done before the first day of school. He did not think the job could get done over Christmas or spring breaks. He said finding funds to do it could be challenging.

Alderman Welch - asked where is the sewage going, "If it is collapsed." Mr. Harper said it is puddling and filling and draining and filling and draining - he said if it collapsed further - it could come up in front of the school.

Mr. Welch said we're in the predicament that we're in with our sewers because we've done patch work. He said if a difference of $130,000 gets us 20 years down the road than it would be worth it. He said he thinks it's something to get out for bid on. Alderman Keller asked Mr. Harper to explain some of the differences in what was listed in the bids from Petersburg.

Mr. Walt Landers weighed in - talking about trench repair or road replacement. He continued on saying the whole street needs to be repaired - not just filled. Alderman Parrott asked if this was on Mr. Landers' radar. Mr. Harper said no one knows how bad things could be until they start digging it up. He said the council needed to consider the costs of other unexpected repairs that could come with this project. Mr. Walters weighed in. Alderman Welch asked where this road falls within the paver program.

Mr. Landers said he'd have to look to see what the grade is at. He said it is asphalt over brick. Mr. Welch's concern was the CA6. He said you're going to constantly be filling that in. He said adding to that does not put his crew in a good position. Mr. Bateman called for going out for bid and letting Veolia handle it. Mr. Bateman said he did not feel that school breaks offered adequate time to make repairs - he said he knew it was taking a chance.

Alderman Horn wanted it to be fixed - and Alderman Hoinacki said we can always amend our motion for a lesser amount - but to keep the night rolling - he recommended putting it at $419. Mr. Welch agreed he wanted to take care of these issues properly. He also asked what the future might look like. Mr. Harper explained that he has locations on a list. Mayor Goodman said they would place option one on the agenda for next week.

Mr. Harper then introduced Andrew Bowns of Veolia. He said he wanted to offer more stability than has been provided in the past. Mr. Bowns said he is the grandson of Buzz Buzby.

Discussion regarding amendment to the City of Lincoln's Non-Domestic Animals Ordinance:

Alderman Bateman said he would like it to be placed on the voting agenda - that they do not change the ordinance. He wanted it removed from the agenda.


Alderman Keller wanted to know what the recommendation was when this item was addressed. Alderman Welch said at the time someone wanted goats in their backyard. Alderman Keller said the ordinance is based on a whole host of animals - but chickens are entirely different. He posed the question if this needed more attention. Alderman Parrott asked if the city council could change an ordinance.

Alderman Bateman said he is not in favor of it - people are always stretching it. Alderman Schmidt said she would not want this next to her house. Mayor Goodman said it all depends on how they are taken care of. The item would be left off the agenda.

Alderman Keller said other cities have this. Mr. Hoblit said it could be removed at this juncture and brought back at another time.

Inclusion of Rideshare (Uber and Lyft) discussion as a proposed amendment to the city's current Taxi Ordinance:

Alderman Bateman said he is not asking for this to be on the agenda, but he wanted to bring up the discussion about Uber and Lyft services as people have brought the idea up to him.

He was looking at information on how to amend the ordinance without rewriting the entire ordinance. Alderman Downs and Alderman Schmidt said it was a great idea. Alderman Keller said students at Lincoln College have asked for this - he said it was worth pursuing. He asked that it be added to the next COW. He suggested removing all the fee structure.

City Attorney Hoblit said he could help draft an ordinance. Mrs. Schmidt then asked a question about what Mr. Bateman was posing to change in the ordinance. Alderman Welch said there was another component that the councilneeded to look into - including that Uber and Lyft regulate where they are offered. He said someone has to reach out to these companies and request that they offer their services in the community.

Treasurer Conzo said he looks at the cost of liability to the city - he asked what is this going to cost us, who will ensure compliance? He referenced drivers with records, and poor driving history. He said there's a reason the taxi cab ordinance exists as it does.

He said this is pretty regulated by the city. The idea will be brought back in two weeks.

Discussion of Pigs 'N' Swigs Event May 28-30, 2020:

Alderman Bateman said he would abstain from the vote - but his ask is for street closures for June 4-7, 2020. City Administrator Kavelman said former Alderman Bauer mentioned having a meeting with business owners. She shared that sometimes walking around the area is difficult for people there for personal business such as court or to eat downtown. He said they work closely with Sherwin Williams - and so on. He said they were asking for the same street closures that they have asked for over the past 10 years.

Alderman Welch said he had several meetings with the individuals who have issues with this request ­ he said the concern he has is with the fencing and Mclean Street and Broadway Street. He wanted to know if the committee is open to changing the request. Alderman Welch said you're a politician because you didn't really answer my question. He said the fencing is the source of contention and the stage is a source of contention - so at a minimum you guys should go back and insist that the stage be removed from Broadway and Kickapoo Streets - to open the corner up. Mr. Bateman said the fencing was all gone before noon and the stage was moved to the city owned lot. Mr. Welch said he supports the event, but the fencing and the stage - he wanted some results from the partners in the event - to make it better for the people who are concerned.The item would be placed on the consent agenda.

Discussion regarding installing meters on water wells within the city and who is to pay for the costs incurred:

Alderman Welch brought forth a request from a constituent issue - regarding the city sewage mandate. He said he had a constituent in his district who has a well. He was posing changes to the ordinance. He said the owner has no control over their rate structure. He wanted the city to get on a metered system and have the city cover the costs. The city did not have to enforce it - and it would be optional the homeowner. Mayor Goodman asked who would do the readings.

Alderman Welch touched on - that there is another rate increase coming in January. City Clerk Peggy Bateman weighed in - that if some people are automatically added to the second tier - if they do not have a meter tracking their usage. She said it's opening up a whole thing . . . Mr. Welch said it's being fair to those individuals as well as they fall into that defaults. He said it's going to take them being creative.

Alderman Schmidt asked if there are very many of those . . .the consensus was yes. More discussion continued about apartment complexes. Mr. Bateman spoke followed by Mr. Parrott who mentioned he went on a tour with Gabe. He said it's a case of penalizing the homeowner for something the city should have done years ago. He understood his point and Alderman Welch's point too. More discussion continued.

Alderman Welch wanted to work with John on the ordinance and bring it back to a future COW.

Discussion regarding the City of Lincoln's Legalized Cannabis Dispensary licensing and possible fines:

Alderman Bateman said there will be a third thing added to this for next week's vote - but tonight he wanted to discuss potential licensing fees - and he mentioned that municipalities have the ability to allow or disallow onsite use in the facility.

He wanted to know what would be involved and what fines might be. He said there's a limit on how much a person could buy per week or per visit. He said that was the discussion to be had. He said he felt $2,500 was the annual license fee to sell. Which would include the fee for a food handlers license - and when it comes to fines - he said he believes they do not have enough teeth in their fines.

The council continued to discuss potential fines and fees and penalties. Mr. Bateman did not want onsite consumption.Mr. Hoblit weighed in. Mr. Conzo said he did not think the council would resolve this tonight. He suggested finding out what other cities are doing and use the numbers as a guideline.

Mayor Goodman wanted to do this right. Mr. Conze said you don't want to set the fees at the same amount as other items - he said it should be set at what is most advantageous to the city. Mr. Welch wanted someone to draft up ideas for the fines. Mr. Hoblit said it would be helpful to have some direction on the onsite use. Mr. Bateman wanted to add onsite consumption for dispensaries to the agenda for next week.


Update of the Progress on the city's portion of the Fifth Street Road Project and Eminent Domain Progress:

City Administrator Kavelman said another property owner has signed on. She would update the list.


Mayor Goodman asked if anyone had any announcements.

  • Carriage rides - approval
  • Adam Wesbecker would be assigned to the Logan County Historic Society - the item would be added to the consent
  • The city's liability insurance came today, it went up 10% and the city would receive some money in a safety She asked that it be added to the regular agenda.
  • Comcast will increase their fees in
  • Parrott said there is a coyote loose in the city and around the area - he said to beware.
  • He also touched on people having chickens - he thinks it needs to be taken care of He said it needed to be addressed and not swept away. Then Alderman Bateman talked about getting ahold of the city if anyone in the public knew of someone having any chickens.

Executive Session pursuant to 2 (C) 1 Personnel:

There being no further announcements to come before the council, Alderman Welch made a motion to move into Executive Session under 2(C)1, personnel seconded by Alderman Keller. City Clerk Peggy Bateman called roll.


Alderman Tracy Welch

Alderman Steve Parrott

Alderman Kathryn Schmidt

Alderman Sam Downs Alderman

Kevin Bateman Alderman

Ron Keller Alderman

Kathy Hom Alderman

Jeff Hoinacki

Yeas: (8) Alderman Steve Parrott, Alderman Tracy Welch, Alderman Kathryn Schmidt, Alderman Sam Downs, Alderman Ron Keller, Alderman Kevin Bateman, Alderman Jeff Hoinacki, Alderman Kathy Horn

Nays: (0)


Absent: (0)

Executive Session 2 (C) 1 Personnel:

The council recessed from the Committee of the Whole meeting at 9:50 p.m. in order to enter Executive Session. Mayor Goodman announced there would be no further city business conducted upon reconvening.

Return from Executive Session:

The council reconvened from Executive Session at 10:34 p.m. in order to reconvene the Committee of the Whole Meeting. Roll call was taken.



Alderman Tracy Welch

Alderman Steve Parrott

Alderman Kathryn Schmidt

Alderman Sam Downs

Alderman Kevin Bateman

Alderman Ron Keller

Alderman Kathy Horn

Alderman Jeff Hoinacki




There being no further discussion to come before the City Council of Lincoln, Alderman Keller motioned to adjourn, seconded by Alderman Hoinacki. Roll call was taken. Mayor Goodman adjourned the meeting at 10:34 p.m.


Alderman Tracy Welch Alderman Steve Parrott Alderman Kathryn Schmidt Alderman Sam Downs Alderman Kevin Bateman Alderman Ron Keller Alderman Kathy Horn Alderman Jeff Hoinacki



Respectfully Submitted By:

Alex Williams, Recording Secretary


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