A "solicitor" is defined as a canvasser, peddler, salesman or any other person, either as principal or agent, whether a resident of the City or not, traveling from house to house, or to any other place in the City, soliciting, taking or attempting to take orders for the sale of goods, wares, merchandise or personal property of any nature whatsoever for future delivery, or for services to be furnished or performed in the future, whether or not such individual has, carries, or exposes for sale a sample of the subject of the sale, or he or she is collecting advance payments on such sales or not; provided, that such definition shall include any person, who for himself or another, hires, leases, uses or occupies any building, structure, tent, vehicle, hotel room, apartment, shop or any other place within the City for the sole purpose of exhibiting samples and taking orders for future delivery.

Solicitors shall only operate within the City of Lincoln between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Before engaging in such business in the City, a solicitor shall obtain a license for himself and for each of his associates or assistants, if any, so engaged. Any person meeting this definition that solicits on behalf of any civic, charitable, and/or nonprofit group shall not be defined as a solicitor nor be required to obtain a license for the same.

Licensed Solicitors
Below is a list of solicitors that currently possess a license to solicit in the City of Lincoln.

 Company  Name


 Schwans  Kevin Corbin  5/1/2024 - 4/30/2025
 Sunrun (Solar Panels)

 Mark Winston

AAAmerican Environmental Pest Services  Alan Daggett 4/29/2024 - 10/29/2024
Smarthome Pros 26 Individuals PULLED EFF. 5/9/2024

It is unlawful to solicit within the city limits without a valid license. If a solicitor comes to your door that you feel may not possess a valid license, please call the Lincoln Police Department Non-Emergency number at 217-732-2151.

Chapter 3-10 Solicitors of City Code


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