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Question: How can I help prevent being a victim of theft or burglary?


Follow these prevention tips --
• Keep your doors locked at all times
• Use a deadbolt lock in addition to a normal doorknob lock
• If your door has glass or is near a window use a double key deadbolt lock
• External doors should be solid wood or metal clad
• Install heavy duty strike plates on doors. They are available at hardware stores.
• Place a wood block on a sliding door track to prevent it from opening.
• Make sure your windows are locked when leaving your home.
• Install additional locks on windows.
• Use vision obscuring window coverings to prevent thieves from looking in.
• Do not set empty boxes outside that identify what you have recently purchased.
• Have appropriate outdoor lighting. Burglars like to work in the dark.
• Use motion sensor lights at all doorways. This also helps prevent accidental falls.
• Do not let shrubbery or other objects obscure doors and windows from plain view.
• Do not leave your garage door open for view for long periods of times.
• Do not leave your vehicle unlocked at any time, even in the garage.
• Do not leave items of value in plain view in your vehicle or yard.
• Use a bicycle lock on a bicycle left outside.
• Do not carry or display large sums of cash unnecessarily.
• Do not carry or display more credit cards than you need to.
• If you purchase or own a safe, make sure it is securely fastened to a wall.
• Do not hide spare keys outside your home. Give them to someone you trust.
• Make sure your house numbers are large and lighted to be seen from the street clearly.
• Use light timers and have your mail picked up when you are on vacation.
• Do not advertise your vacation plans on Facebook or other media.
• If you can afford an alarm system, install one. it provides security and peace of mind.

Just in case you are a victim, it helps to have photographic or video evidence of your property for
identification and insurance purposes. You should record all model and serial numbers of
valuable electronics. Engraving valuable items can help in recovering those items. Check with
your insurance agent to see if you need any additional coverage for jewelry, guns, or other
valuables. Rental insurance is available for those who do not own their homes.


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