To report a street light out we will need the pole number that is listed on the pole itself or the street address that the pole is at.  You may then call 217-732-4655 or complete the form below that will forward your request to the appropriate person for repair.

The City of Lincoln appreciates your concern.



1. Enter a Location:

Please enter an address below in the search box. A marker will be placed on the map. You can then drag the Marker to get as close as you can to the location where the street light is.



2. Enter the Problem

Describe the problem with the streetlight including your concerns. Please include the number on the pole of the light, if it is available.



3. Your information

Please include your information if you would like to have a response in regards your report. This may include updates on when the problem will be fixed or who the information was forwarded to for repair. This information is not required.


4. Submit your report

If you are complete, check over your information and then submit this report.