The sidewalk that runs from your house to the street (if you have one) is your responsibility. The sidewalk that runs across the front or side of your property along the street is the City’s responsibility. You can contact the Street Department at 217-732-4655 or by email if you think the condition of your walk constitutes an immediate hazard and the Street Superintendent will come out and look at the walk to determine its condition.


If your sidewalk is not deemed an immediate hazard, but you feel it needs to be repaired, you will need to complete a Public Works Service Request Form. Your request will then be on file and work will be completed when time and resources are allowed.  


The City does have a Sidewalk Reimbursement Program.  If you choose to not wait for the City to perform the work, you may replace the sidewalk yourself.  The City will reimburse $2 per square foot of materials used.  Copies of invoices will need to be provided to the City for reimbursement.   


For more information on this subject, you can review the City ordinances on Sidewalk Construction found in Title 8, Chapter 6 of the City Code (8-6-1 through 8-6-7). 


Public Works Service Request Form