March 23, 2018- Stone River Group received 4 bids, including one that was the lowest in the State.

Aldermen Hoefle and Welch will bring Stone River's bids to Mayor Seth Goodman, who executes an agreement that will save the on average, $123.49 per year, per household.

One can calculate their savings by taking their electric bill and the number of kWH. If you use 800kWH (considered about the average per household) and multiply by 0.01245, you show a savings of 9.96 or an annual savings of $119.52. The actual average household was a bit higher.


The program is optional. No one has to agree to use this program.

It is an "opt out" program that will automatically be on your bill, unless you exercise your choice not to use it and go with Ameren or any other program you may be using.