Council Minutes

COMMITTEE OF THE WHOLE MEETING                     Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Lincoln City Hall, Council Chambers

700 Broadway Street ILincoln, Illinois


Mayor Seth Goodman

The Committee of the Whole Meeting of the City Council of Lincoln was called to order by Mayor Seth Goodman at 7 p.m., with proper notice given. City Clerk Peggy Bateman called roll.


Alderman Tracy Welch, Ward 1

Alderman Steve Parrott, Ward 1

Alderman Kathryn Schmidt, Ward 2

Alderman Sam Downs, Ward 2

Alderman Kevin Bateman, Ward 3

Alderman Jeff Hoinacki, Ward 4

Alderman Kathy Horn, Ward 4

Staff Present:

City Administrator Elizabeth Kavelman

City Attorney John Hoblit

City Clerk Peggy Bateman

Treasurer Chuck Conzo

Assistant Fire Chief Ben Roland

Police Chief Paul Adams

Building and Safety Officer Wes Woodhall

Streets Superintendent Walt Landers

Veolia Water, Greg Pyles


Alderman Ron Keller, Ward 3

Public Comment:

Mayor Goodman called upon citizens registered to speak. There being no public comment, Mayor Goodman moved to other items listed on the night's agenda.

Morgan Gleason, Logan County Tourism Director IApproval of Additional Cost for the George Alarm System installation and maintenance at the Lincoln Depot:

Alderman Welch led the conversation of the alarm system, and the panic system at The Lincoln Depot. He said there was a difference of around $746.73 for the installation.The additional cost was authorized. It was brought forward because he wanted to share that it did cost a little bit more. It has been installed.

Alderman Hoinacki asked about it, Mr. Welch said it had already been taken care of as the Mayor had already authorized it.

Proclamation for the Independent Order of Odd Fellows of Dlinoil in the City of Lincoln Week June

23, 2019 through June 28, 2019:

The item will be placed on the agenda.


Request to Permit Street Closing of 100 Block of N.Kickapoo, 600 Block of Broadway, and Pulaski Street from the Alley-Bi Saloon to the Arcade, from 4:30-9 pm, for Third Friday Events July 19, 2019 and August 23,2019, to Coincide with the Lincoln Balloon Fest Activities at the Oasis.

The item will be placed on the agenda.

Application for City Block Party at Alley-Bi Saloon,to Block of the Street from Alley to the Front of the Establishment at 415 Pulaski Street, on Jue 21, 2019, 5:00 pm -10:00 pm, submitted to the Third Friday Events' Closings. Submitted by Cindy Singleton

The item will be placed on the agenda.

Application for City Block Party in 200 Block of Pekin Street from College Avenue to North Ottawa Street,on July 27, 2019,4-10 p.m.submitted by James Cosby.

Mayor Goodman explained this item further.The request would be from around June 29 through June 30, untll 11 a.m.The actual event would be from 6-10 p.m.

Alderman Bateman asked if this was overnight for motorcycles. City Clerk Bateman explained more that the owner wants people to have the opportunity to leave their bikes overnight, as needed. The event will take place in the Chances R parking lot. Alderman Bateman clarified and Mayor Goodman reiterated. Alderman Hoinacki confirmed it is city property.

It'd be from Peoria Street to the Rail Road track . Alderman Hoinacki said it is all city property. More discussion ensued . . .the Mayor said It would not block the road. Alderman Welch questioned liability insurance. It is already on file. It would be June 29-30, 11 a.m. to 11 a.m. The and would be there from 6-10 p.m.

Application for the Presbyterian Chuck blocking Ottawa Street to Kankakee Street near the Lincoln Junior High School:

Alderman Bateman called for placing it on the agenda, then Alderman Welch wanted to know if they will really have 700 people passing through for the event. Mayor Godman said half of the orders are anticipated to befor carry-out. They'd come down Ottawa Street, through the alleyway.Mr.Walt Landers mentioned that normally the northbound lane is blocked off and people travel south. The item would be placed on the consent agenda.

Updated Smoking Ordinance, effective July 1,2019:

Mayor Goodman led in and passed things to Mr. John Hoblit who talked about the last time the council addressed the smoking ban in the State of Illinois. He wanted to share that the sale of tobacco products would soon been raised from 18 to 21-years-old. It takes effect July 1, 2019. He proposed altering the city ordinances to reflect changes in state law.

He said the state is no longer going after minors, they're going after businesses that make the sale of these products. He mentioned the Illinois Municipal League and that city's can keep some of their penalties in place.City Attorney Hoblit mentioned the areas of the ordinances that need to be amended. He said the age discrepancy could be narrowed a bit. He said every business, regardless of the law, should be checking ID's.

Scarification and Oil and Chip Targets by Ward:


Mr. Walt Landers began he said he is getting together targets for the scarification and A2 (aggregate and oil).He said base repair problems could also be made during that time.

He said some of the plan entails a new driving surfaces, some requires scarification. He referred to a packet of information he provided.

His office is figuring around a $300,000 budget for the program and some reimbursement from Illinois American Water.

Once the estimate returns from the engineer, they will start looking at bidding, in order to attempt to stay within budget. He said it depends on when those numbers come in.He said after the bids do come in, they willlook for additional projects. He recommended contacting him if anyone had questions about the streets on the list. He offered to explain the road selections to the aldermen if they wanted further information, then he could better explain the choices. He then reiterated what the A 1projects were.He then touched on spray patching and chipping over the top of roads through A1, in order to make it a better product without doing and A2 to it. He said they would continue to do that to the projects .So that it could just go to an A 1.

Alderman Bateman led into the additional targets. He said when putting it out for bid, one benefit for the highway department is that they have some sealcoat apparatus that can complete an entire road in one pass. He suggested making this a specification when they go out to bid, as possible. Mr. Landers said every contractor they've had, since he's been here has had that capability. He said the equipment the contractors have surpasses what the county has. He said Mr. Bateman was talking about a chip spreader. He mentioned two different contractors out of Tuscola and Springfield. He said they have not had an issue.

Mayor Goodman called for further questions and discussion, there being none, the council agreed to place the item on the agenda.Mr. Landers thendid call it a moving target, saying this was a preliminary list. He mentioned moving or adding some items.

City Attorney John Hoblit Readdressed the Sale of Tobacco to a Minor:

He explained the fines,tobacco education programming, he did not believe at this point that this type of educational program was available. He continued on.

Amendment to Appropriations Ordinance Fiscal Year 2018ยท2019 and City Treasurer's Explanatory Letter:

Treasurer Chuck Conzo went into discussion about a letter and the amendment to the appropriation. He said for those fairly new to this ... the budget was passed in April. He said following this, during the first quarter of the new fiscal year, (May, June, July) the council passes an appropriations ordinance. He said this outlines what the city can spend, provided there is money available, and a need to spend it. He touched on the ordinance, and adopting Amendment 1, he said these were all within the same fund.He moved $4,900 for example . .. he then said you can also amend an appropriation. He mentioned page two, and the new revenue that was spent for the land acquisition. He said this was included in the amendment too two references new money,$60,000.

Police Chief Paul Adams then touched on a sign. And then Treasurer Conzo mentioned a pension fund.

He said the first three paragraphs of his letter touch onthe working budget document, revenue projections and . . . funds. He said the appropriations ordinance as he stated, where they reexamine revenue projections, he said they usually don't change much.They also set limits for spending in each sub fund. He said he talked about what they can do and how the amendment process works.

He then went into the purpose of the letter, relating to the Building and Grounds Fund. He said in the proceeding fiscal year ... with the amount of expenditures, they exceeds what was in the fund, and the appropriation within the fund. He mentioned where they had gone over. More has been budgeted for next year.

Custodian Contract, Electric, Gasoline -were three areas he mentioned the overages.He said there isn't much they can do about that. He said he talked with auditors. His letter would be included in the appropriations ordinance etc.

He then mentioned several factors including Utility Costs, the cost of the contract for Custodial Services and that FY 2018-2019 was the first year the city incurred additional expenses for buildings which have been added to the city's assets. He said they knew this was going to happen, but they did not know the scope of what the expenses would be. He mentioned the great deal of worker former Fire Chief Mark Miller did in calculating expenses for these types of things.

Mr. Conzo then reiterated the value of the assets that have been added.He noted that the GRF for 2018- 2019 were far below the budget and the appropriation (the budget as a whole). He did not have final numbers yet, and that he would not know until the audit. He asked the council to put the ordinance amending the appropriation on the agenda.

Alderman Welch wanted the treasurer to explain the process for accounting for certain items. Treasurer Conzo said the auditors said you have to offer an explanation as to why the line items were exceeded. He said the overall General Revenue Fund (GRF) has plenty of room, but he can't take the funds out of just any line. The item would be placed on the agenda.


Opening of bids for eight (8) new patrol vehicles for the City of Lincoln Police Department

Police Chief Paul Adams said bids were supposed to be turned in by 4 p.m., today. And then the bids would be opened in the City Council Chambers.

Bid #1 I Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep in Lincoln, for $202,352 -trade-ins were included Bid #2 I Graue Chevrolet in Lincoln, for $255, 104 - trade-ins were included

City Clerk Peggy Bateman then continued to share some of the details therein. The chief suggested the clerk go downstairs and make a copy. He then also addressed SUV's vs. Trucks. He said the exterior of the vehicle is much better for part replacement. He said trucks offer more height, room inside, and helps clear water etc. He continued on about the benefits of trucks. He mentioned all the extra equipment they have to carry. He said turning radiusis a downside.

He then covered a question by Alderman Horn, about whey the city was getting eight new vehicles. He said there are 24 cars in their fleet. His desire is the keep the mileage low on their vehicles to keep their fleet healthy. He then mentioned lower maintenance costs.

Alderman Parrott asked about trucks holding their value over a Dodge Durango. Chief Adams said he was not a salesman, but he thinks so. He said overall,they'rejust made better for their purposes.


Alderman Bateman said he had a copy of the bid, because it came into their dealership, he asked the clerk to email out the bid request to all the councilmembers so they're aware of what he is buying . . . they are called special service vehicles. Chief Adams said the bid is advertised on the city's website. He shared that the trucks are stripped down. They have vinyl seats. Alderman Bateman said a lot of the parts are built to hold up.

Alderman Hoinacki asked to put it on the agenda as intent to purchase. Chief Adams said they should getting a low interest rate.


Mayor Goodman called for announcements.

  • Grant from Ardagh Group in the amount of $50,000 - Alderman Welch asked if there were stipulations on how the money would be spent, lighting would be changed, to LED and then the remaining funds could go to improving the pumping system to realize some energy efficiency, Alderman Welch said he was assuming council approval would be had before completion, Mr. Landers clarified that the grant would be used for projects supporting energy conservation. Alderman Bateman suggested someone reach out to Ameren Illinois about energy savings, he said the county was able to purchase LED light bulbs at a significant savings rate. Alderman Parrott proposed solar panels to help alleviate energy costs. Alderman Welch said ultimately, it's the council's decision to determine how the money is spent. Alderman Parrott asked when the city found out about the grant funding. Mayor Goodman weighed saying he brought it to the department head meeting. Then Mr. Greg Pyles weighed in on the treatment plant and suggested that the city could reallocate that portion of the grant for other projects, it would be a good time. Treasurer Conzo said the light bulbs would also save the city money on electricity. He said solar panels or lightbulbs-either way the city would save money on electrical costs. Mayor Goodman said the representative from Ameren suggested the light bulbs. Mr. Landers talked about 20 street lights on Malerich Drive.
  • Comcast to change to Digital Premier
  • Map of the City of Lincoln from 1853-1855
  • There were several ribbon cuttings recently
  • Alderman Bateman raised awareness of the rental problem issues in tne city. He said the court system slows certain property situations down. He said a renter in his ward, is a problem renter, the property is now a blighted property. He could not confirm that they have electricity, but their water has been shutoff, and they do not have trash service. He said the landlord is not a local resident and they are not present, so the property has gone to crud. Mr. Bateman wanted a fast track method of getting properties cleaned up. He led into a committee structure of government like the city previously had in place. City Attorney John Hoblit mentioned that Romeoville is a Home-Rule Municipality. City Administrator Kavelman weighed in on an Aldermanic Form of Government. Alderman Welch agreed, but he said the topic of dealing with the renter issues, is a separate issue. More discussion about committees ensued. Alderman Welch proposed Alderman Bateman write a detailed outline of how this structure could work, and then present it to the council. Mr. Bateman went into his proposal, he called for a two-committee structure of government. He wants to divide the council in half, with four members in each committee. City Administrator Kavelman said what he was outlining was not an even balance of power. She said they would need eight committees, in order to have an A!dermanic Form of Government. Alderman Parrott said he needed more details, a 5 p.m. meeting wouldn't work for him. Alderman Hoinacki said he had lots of insights. He said with Committee of the Whole ... when they made the switch to it, hewould have never seen a bill from the fire department. More discussion ensued about the hypothetical duration of the meetings. Alderman Welch said he could support a committee structure, but he would not support it if it turned into chaos, "like this." He said he'd go back to his original statement, saying he'd like to see details about what that could look like and if/how it could work for the city. Alderman Bateman said he would want an honest opinion of how many meetings the council members would bewilling to attend. City Administrator Kavelman said the way it was done before really did work. She said the way before, if there was a meeting, then a meeting was held. She said meetings were held on an as-needed basis.Alderwoman Schmidt said from what Beth was saying, it did work. She said coming in new, It's difficult not being able to talk, accept for one at a trme. Alderman Welch said at the county board, the discussions are long. Treasurer Conze weighed in on his work with the finance committee. He said it was productive. Alderman Welch read off what the committees used to be. He said eight committees was too much.
  • There would be a ribbon cutting 5-7 p.m. on Thursday at the Lincoln Depot.


Alderman Welch, seconded by Alderman Parrott. Mayor Goodman adjourned the meeting at 8:31 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted By:

Alex Williams, Recording Secretary


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