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The City of Lincoln Economic Development Grant Program offers several forms of business assistance and incentives.  This assistance allows property owners to make improvements to private infrastructures and economic quality of life issues for the City of Lincoln.  A property must be zoned “Commercial” to be eligible for funding assistance.  The expenditure of the Economic Development Grant fund revenues is limited each year.

Applications for this reimbursable grant must be reviewed by the Lincoln Economic Development Grant Commission and approved by the Lincoln City Council prior to beginning the project. Payment will be reimbursed upon completion of the project, the presentation of paid receipts, and City inspection approval per City, State, and International Code. Work completed prior to staff review is ineligible, unless specifically amended by the Lincoln City Council.

The applicant is requested to provide a brief description of public benefit to the City resulting from the development of the proposed project, including improvements to any public infrastructure and economic quality of life issues for the City of Lincoln. Discuss how the proposed project addresses the objectives and project activities set forth in the City of Lincoln, including an explanation as to how the project will eliminate or mitigate blighting conditions in the City of Lincoln. Also describe how the proposed project will stabilize the surrounding area and promote additional development in adjacent areas:

If there is a significant change in the scope of the project after the application has been approved, the Applicant must re-apply with the scope of the new project.

If Applicant is unable to complete the project within the allotted six (6) month time frame, the applicant may apply for one (1), 3-month extension. The Commission will then meet and vote to approve or deny the extension request.


A Minimum of eight (8) weeks will be required to process the application.


  • If the Applicant is in arrears on money owed to the City or any other unit of government. This would pertain to taxes payable to any governmental body, but it would also include unpaid sewer bills, liens, ordinance violations or parking fines owed to the City of Lincoln, IL.
  • If the Applicant has previously received funds from the City for specific projects or has agreed to complete certain projects, but has not fulfilled those obligations (e.g., an Applicant who has failed to complete the construction or rehabilitation of a building for which s/he has received City funds or which s/he has agreed to rehabilitate as part of a larger project).


With the focus of this grant being structural in nature, items to be considered for cost reimbursement at pre-determined maximums per application will include but are not limited to:

  1. Foundation Systems to Include: Strip/Pad Footings, Foundation Wall (Pre-Cast, CIP or Tilt), Slabs, Piers, Posts, Piles, Caissons, Damp-Proofing, Drainage Systems and Associated Reinforcement Material.
  2. Wall Systems to Include: Wood, Steel, Brick, CMU and Concrete Framing Assembly’s, Headers, Plates, Posts, Tuck-Pointing, Back- Plastering, Interior Load Bearing Wall Systems, Associated Connecting Hardware and Exterior Windows and Doors that are not covered under another grant program.
  3. Floor Systems to Include: Posts, Beams, Girders, Joists, Box-Still, Headers, Sub-Floor Sheathing, Blocking, Stair Framing Members and All Associated hardware.
  4. Roof Structure to Include: Finished Roof Material, Sub-Sheathing, Trusses, Joists, Beams, Blocking, Purlins, Ledgers, Parapets, Hangers, Mechanical Curbing, Flashing and Drainage Systems.
  5. Structural Repair of Existing Non-bearing Components: (i.e.: chimneys, decorative lentils, corbels, and cornices that are an integral part of a bearing wall assembly.)

Demolition and haul-off of dangerous/hazardous structural components, provided the removal and demolition of individual items does not create any additional exposed, Damaged, or dilapidated components. 


 Other Eligible Expenses Include:

  1. Exit doors (exterior) -- installation, repair and replacement of exit doors and hardware to provide public access, or where current doors do not meet the building and fire codes, or it will improve the overall appearance of the building.
  2. Stairs, Porches, Railings, Exits -- repair and replacement or installation of exterior stairs, porches, railings and exit facilities.
  3. Walls -- repair and rebuilding of exterior walls, including cleaning, sealing, tuck pointing, painting, etc.
  4. Windows -- repair of frames, sills, glazing, replacement of glass, and installation of new windows.
  5. Roofs -- repair and reroofing, where the effects of the repair will be visible from a public street or public parking lot. (In general, sloping roofs would qualify, flat roofs would not).
  6. Walkways -- sidewalks, pavers, plazas, and other permanent improvements designed primarily for pedestrian use, only in conjunction with rear entrance improvements.


It is not the purpose of the program to finance ongoing improvements which could be considered part of a building’s routine maintenanceBuilding additions shall not be funded. Each eligible improvement shall be funded only once by the program.  Ineligible improvements include improvements to the building interior (except code compliance) such as remodeling, floors, office, FFE or display spaces or exterior maintenance.


Other Ineligible Expenses Include:

  1. Building Permit fees and related costs
  2. Extermination of insects, rodents, vermin and other pests
  3. Sidewalks -- replacement of private sidewalks
  4. Title reports and legal fees
  5. Acquisition of land or buildings
  6. Air conditioning and heating facilities
  7. Electrical wiring or service upgrade, except electrical work necessary to illuminate an eligible sign
  8. Elevators -- repair or installation
  9. Plumbing
  10. Refinancing existing debt
  11. Sprinkler systems
  12. Working capital for businesses
  13. Resurfacing of parking lots


Eligible applicants include the owner of a commercial building or the owner of a current or proposed commercial business.  Business owners who are tenants of a building must provide written consent from the building owner for all proposed improvements.

Lincoln Economic Development Grant Commission (LEDGC)

pdfLEDGC $7,500 Grant Application


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