Waste Water Department

Waste Water Department

Lincoln Sewer Plant Built in 1930’s.  The system was designed for Combined Sewer –Sanitary and Storm water.  Plant will see anywhere from 2 million gal/day to 10 million gal/day of normal flow. Storm flow can treat up to 33.5 million gal/day.


Federal EPA’s CSO Control Policy of 1994 set parameters to limit Combined Sewer Overflows during wet weather


2013 – IL EPA required to develop plan to be in compliance. Crawford, Murphy, and Tilly (CMT) was selected after Request For Qualifications Process in fall of 2013 to draft the Long Term Control Plan (LTCP).  We submitted LTCP in 2015, after 2 years of development, to Illinois EPA.  Plan was approved by IL EPA in October 2016 to complete within a 5 year schedule. It is primarily focused on treating combined sewage during large rains. Project is not replacing/rehabbing aging sewer mains in the City.


Two Projects:

  • Union Street Pump Station Rehab - Larger Pumping Capacity- Design currently underway, Completion in Late 2019-Early 2020
  • Wastewater Storm Water Treatment Upgrades- Increase Volume Treated and Improve Water Quality at Waste Treatment Plant only- Not in design phase yet, Completion expected 2021


Using IL EPA State Revolving Loan Fund (SRF Program) as funding mechanism:
- 20 year loan at 1.75% interest, currently- Expected to be around 1.875% at time of closing on Union Street Project


Estimated costs - $20 to $22 million for both projects. Approximate annual payments between $1.2M & $1.4M


7000+/- Residential Customers
- Proposed Rate of 35 Base, $0.50/100 gallons after 4,000
650+/- Commercial/Industrial Accounts
- Proposed Rate of 35 Base, $0.40/100 gallons after 6,000 and $0.32/100Gallons greater than 100,000.


Proposed rates are comparable or lower than other communities of similar size.Taxes levied by the City of Lincoln do not generally fund capital improvements or the general operation of the sewer system. Revenue from the sewer bills is the main funding source for the department.


Proposed Sewer Rates

Monthly Residential
0-1,000 Gallons $25/Month
1,001-4,000 Gallons $35/Month
4,001-8,000 Gallons $45/Month>
8,000 Gallons $55/Month

Monthly Commercial
Base rate of $35, includes first 6,000 Gallons of Usage
6,001-100,000 Gallons @ $0.40/unit (100 gallons)
>100,000 Gallons @ $0.32/unit (100 gallons)


As of April 16, 2018 an Ordinance was approved amending Section 7-8-1-14 of the City Code.That portion of Section 7-8-1-14 of the City Code of the City Of Lincoln, Logan County, Illinois that reads “ In the event any user, regardless of the amount of the monthly charge, wishes to pay his charges for one year in advance he may do so, in which event he will receive a discount of ten percent (10%) of the amount of the charges, provided that the advance payment is made at a regular time for the payment of his bill,as set forth herein.” Is hereby deleted.


Any resident that has taken advantage of this offer that currently has a credit on their account will continue receiving a monthly statement that will show the credit amount.


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